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“My Unwanted Abortion” Part 2

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This post is overdue.  I have started to write it many times.  The woman’s situation in the Marie Claire article is heartbreaking.  It is hard not to put yourself in her shoes.  To feel her joy, shock, and utter pain.

Essentially, I am left with question upon question:

Are parents being adequately informed about prenatal testing- the risks, how to handle the results, reasons to decline testing?

In what situations would parents be better off not to test?

Do medical “miracles” exist?

What are the emotional and physical implications of deciding to end a life that has been labeled unviable versus waiting the natural course?

How did the nurse in the story rationalize her participation in something she thought required “praying for your soul?”

What support and resources are available to women in the midst of choices like these, and healing from the loss of a child?

On a more joyful note, it appears that the woman in the story has a beautiful little boy.


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