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“My Unwanted Abortion”


I was on my way back to Tucson from Salt Lake City, and my excessively long layover in Vegas had become even longer than originally anticipated.  After a quick bite (i.e. a $12 fast food burrito) and some email catch-up time (thank you, free internet!), I thought a magazine was in order.  Having exhausted my favorite magazines on the flights to Salt Lake, I knew my options would be limited, and figured I could try to find something that was closer to the mildly unhealthy side of the fashion magazine spectrum.

After having flipped through a few, an article near the back of one caught my eye…

I bought the magazine and read it during the flight, but the story stuck with me long after the flight ended.  I plan on trying to articulate my thoughts soon in a follow up post, but for now, is there anything that strikes you about this article?


4 thoughts on ““My Unwanted Abortion”

  1. Too bad she did not know about places like http://benotafraid.net/ who would have given her support.
    It is a very difficult, heartbreaking situation, but in the end. if her baby died naturally it is easier than knowing you participated in its death.

  2. I subscribe to MC and avoided reading this article til now. I can’t even imagine how this would feel.

    Thanks, Terry for sharing this resource. I wish the author would have shared something like this in her story to help people who go through tragedies such as this. Perhaps MC will publish some resources in their next issue if you send them a letter!

  3. I fully and completely agree with her last paragraph. We need to stop judging and start supporting one another, as women and as PEOPLE. Like she said, these kinds of issues are rarely black and white. She was doing what she thought was BEST for the baby and herself. There is ultimately no definition of what is right and what is wrong in our world allot of the time. I feel so terribly for that woman, and I hope that she has received nothing but love and support for so bravely facing what she faced, and then sharing it.

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