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Top 5 Reasons to Use NFP

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Why would someone who does not have moral reasons to avoid contraceptives use NFP?

1. NFP is natural; prescriptions aren’t required, hormone levels are not altered, and it doesn’t increase estrogen levels in our water system.

2. NFP is comparatively inexpensive.  It typically costs less than $200 (sometimes much less!) to learn a method from an instructor.  It costs even less if you are learning from a book.

3. It increases understanding, and appreciation, of a woman’s fertility.

4. It can help diagnose health/hormonal issues.  Numerous bio-markers are present in charting that can indicate a wide array of issues.

5. If a couple decides they want to achieve pregnancy, they can do so right away.  There is no waiting for the effects of hormonal birth control to wear off or for an appointment to have a device removed.



One thought on “Top 5 Reasons to Use NFP

  1. Just now catching up with reading old posts and this one makes me want to cheer! Yes, ideally everyone will come to understand why contraception is *not* good. But in the meantime there are so many good things about NFP that we should promote it not only as the “not bad” option, but the “really awesome!” option.

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