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Achieving Pregnancy: “Why is it taking so long?”


Many couples may begin to worry if pregnancy is not immediately achieved.  Often, and especially when it is a first pregnancy, the fear is infertility.  This is entirely valid and, statistically speaking, infertility does appear to be on the rise.  However, there are many factors involved, some of which can change from month to month or even day to day.

It is possible that couples may be sub-fertile for various reasons.  These may include a range of health conditions, occasional anovulatory cycles, limited fertile mucus, lowered sperm count, or other factors.  While it may take a sub-fertile couple longer to become pregnant and some medical support may be required, they will eventually become pregnant.

Timing is a huge factor in helping conception along, but even with perfect timing, there are still a number of obstacles that must be overcome for a sperm to find an egg.  Below is the first part in a six part series documentary, The Great Sperm Race, that shows the complexity of the entire process.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Achieving Pregnancy: “Why is it taking so long?”

  1. Just found your blog through a comment you left on That Wife (Jenna’s) and had to stop by as I am always thrilled to find new NFP blogs! Keep it up!

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