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Taking Hormonal Birth Control to Regulate Periods

I think this video does a good job explaining some of the reasons not to use birth control to “regulate” periods.  Additionally, if there is something irregular about a woman’s menstrual cycles (for example: cycle length, shortened/prolonged bleeding, excessive pain), then there is something wrong that should be identified and treated.  Birth control pills were not developed to help young women with menstrual issues, it was developed to prevent ovulation and conception.  Not only are women being exposed to unnatural hormone levels which puts their fertility into hibernation, but the actual underlying issues are simply being ignored.  Prescribe birth control or investigate an underlying cause- which is more appealing to a busy doctor?

It is interesting to note, that with the original formulation of the “Pill,” women were not experiencing any bleeding at all.  Probably instinctively, this made many women feel uncomfortable about what was going on in their bodies each month.  The placebo pills were then added to simulate an actual menstrual period, through withdrawal bleeding.


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